clock opera

it goes
as it goes
sand castles
through some empty glass
counting rhymes
to fix my mind
a million miles
of space
to confess
I have no idea
on who I am
what I was to learn
and who I was
to love
such fragile glass
fitted no one’s hand
so I put to dreams
a perfect world
one where
all the merry go rounds
never stop
such sand castles
through some empty glass


first aid kit

tell me it’s ok
to lie down
in the emptiness
to feel nothing
but the unconscious weight
of everything and everyone
to forget all the voices
that mean nothing
their props and pratfalls
their images
make of paper mache pills
to swallow down
self made
and for the minute
for the second
have no fight
no explanation
to make right
just a mirror less world
where I don’t exist
but to breathe
tell me it’s ok